Making Time to Create {One Little Word}

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I know the month is half over already, but I wanted to mention my June focus for One Little Word.

It’s really a perfect one for me right now: A Time to little word create time

Because May was a little extra-super crazy, I was feeling that I needed to get back to more simple creating and that I needed to make a place in my day for it. That sounds ridiculous, since crafting is my job, but I usually knit when we watch TV after the Bit goes to bed and only craft during the day when I have a deadline or something I know I want or need to get done.

My New Morning

So this month I’ve been trying a completely different morning routine. It used to be that I’d take the Bit to school, run any errands I needed to do, come home, do chores, sometimes write morning pages, sometimes work out, sometimes both, sometimes neither, and then I’d go upstairs and work on whatever felt the most urgent.

Instead of all that, I now have a set of things I do when I get home before I start anything else. I’ve been coming home, doing my pages, exercising at least 30 minutes and then trying to craft for around 30 minutes before I touch the computer. (The cleanliness of our house has suffered, because now I do most of my cleaning when I get home from the park after school with the Bit. It’s better than “Dora,” I promise.)

The working out and pages parts have been consistent so far (10 weekdays in a row!), but the crafting hasn’t quite been. There have been days that were frustrated by technology, or where I mostly ended up ironing fabric instead of making anything, or when I gave up early because I was cutting fabric and gave myself a blister.

receiving blanket blanket
All that pressing and cutting was for a still-in-progress blanket made of old receiving blankets.

But I am getting more making done because it is (mostly) part of my daily routine. Which is totally obvious but it took me thinking about how to get more crafting time in before I realized I needed to schedule it in.

As a result of my action-packed mornings I’m spending less time at the computer so I really have to try to be focused while I’m there. It works better some days than others, but that was always true.

But I know that what I’m doing away from the computer is important, too: for my physical health, my mental health and my work. As long as I can remember that, every day is a good day.

How’s your month going?

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