Stitch a Burlap Bookmark

This easy stitched burlap bookmark idea is great for kids learning to sew and adults to make as well.

I was sure I had shared this project when I did it with the girl’s class earlier this year, but I can’t find it in my archive, so, because I’m doing it again I thought I would share it this time. Burlap is a great material for new hand-stitchers to work with because it’s pretty […]

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Simple Embroidery Project: Drawing on Fabric

Try an easy embroidery project: draw on fabric and embellish it

I needed a simple embroidery project to share with my needle arts classes, so I decide to try drawing on fabric and them stitching and embellishing on top. The inspiration for this idea came from Childhood 101, where she had her daughter draw on burlap and then sew sequins on top. I want to give […]

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Sew on a Button {Craft Challenge, Day 105}

Sew on a button, and add a little flair.

OK, I know sewing on a button doesn’t sound very creative, or challenging, for that matter. And maybe it’s not. But the very act of sewing, even mindless sewing like sewing on a button, is meditative, and who says the thread you use has to be the same color as the fabric you’re sewing into […]

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Hand Sewing {Craft Challenge, Day 104}

Try hand sewing to get a taste of slow crafting.

Because I had scraps of fabric out yesterday while I was working on the circle bag, the girl asked if she could sew two pieces of fabric together. We’d talked about starting her on a real sewing project, instead of just stitching on plastic canvas, during spring break but she wasn’t interested, so I jumped […]

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Try a Craft Kit {Craft Challenge, Day 93}

Try a craft kit to explore a different kind of creativity.

I’ve had this crewel embroidery kit (which is actually still on the market!) sitting in my stash for years. It was one of the crafty goodies from a little meetup I went to with Craft Gossip before I even worked there, so it was a long time ago. I’ve been cleaning and purging craft supplies […]

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