How to Make a French Knot

French knots are a basic embroidery stitch used as an embellishment in a lot of different projects. You can even make whole projects out of French knots! Here’s all you need to know about how to make a French knot. What is a French Knot? French knots are a common embroidery embellishment that makes a […]

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Make a Cross Stitch Heart Bookmark

This easy cross stitch heart bookmark is a quick and easy project to make for Valentine’s Day or any other time. I used three colors of cross-stitch floss and a simple heart design on a piece of burlap ribbon, which is the perfect width for a bookmark. You can cut regular cross-stitch fabric to use […]

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How to Stitch a French Knot Heart

This French Knot heart is a simple embroidery design for beginners. You can use the same basic steps for all sorts of simple designs, seasonal or otherwise. I love French knot projects. There are some really amazingly detailed works out there done with nothing but knots in different colors. My French knot heart is, well, […]

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Your Quick-Start Guide to Embroidery

how to get started with embroidery

Ever since I shared an embroidery project with my coworkers at a recent work retreat, I’ve been a little obsessed with embroidery. It’s a relatively simple, easy entry craft to learn because you need a minimal amount of supplies and a small amount of skills to get started. Embroidery Supplies All you really need to […]

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The Magic of Being a Craft Evangelist

craft evangelist

I love getting to be a craft evangelist, and I recently got to share a day of crafting with my coworkers, which was amazing. One of the wonderful things about life right now is that it’s possible to work (in some careers, anyway) completely remotely. It’s great to be able to live and work anywhere, […]

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