Just Do Something

letter A

Last week was a really low energy week for me. I didn’t feel like doing much of anything, including anything creative. I didn’t want to work on anything I’d started. I didn’t want to work on anything new. It was a rut in every sense of the word. Ugh. When you identify yourself as a […]

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Embroidery By Kit

coffee embroidery kit

At the Craft Gossip Fork & Talk I attended recently, one of the activities we did was to start working on one of the embroidery kits that was included in our goodie bags. This is a Dimensions Crafts Java Coaster/Cozy, which the company’s website tells me retails for $14.29 but I think I saw the […]

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Getting Crafty for the Bake Sale

box of bake sale cookies

At least once a year the playgroup that I was much more active in before the Bit started going to school does a bake sale. I like to take part because it’s like double crafting: making the items to sell and then making them adorable. This year I went with lots (and lots) of Cowboy […]

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Making Friends on the Farm


Our university’s Division of Agriculture and the Cooperative Extension Service join up each year to put on a program called Farm Friends, which allows “city” kids to see and touch farm animals they might not otherwise get close access to. This is the first year we went, with the Bit’s friends from school, and I […]

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