A Quick Crochet Scarf

Make a quick crochet scarf, even with minimal crochet skills.

Knitting will always be my first yarn-related love, but even I have to admit that when you need to make something in a hurry, crochet is the way to do. You can easily make a quick crochet scarf in a couple of evenings, even with limited crochet ability such as I have. Even if you […]

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Finger Crochet {Craft Challenge, Day 124}

Finger crochet a headband

Because I did finger knitting for the craft challenge of the day yesterday, it seemed only fitting to also try finger crochet. Finger crochet was actually something I’d never done before, and I kind of see why now that I’ve done it. It actually feels slower using your fingers instead of a hook, and my […]

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Try Finger Knitting {Craft Challenge, Day 123}

Finger knitting is a fun way for people of all ages to try knitting.

I love knitting with needles, of course, but it’s always kind of a fun trick to make familiar things in unfamiliar ways, such as with finger knitting. I was reminded his fun finger knitting is when I taught the girl, who isn’t quite ready for knitting with needles just yet. It’s a quick and easy […]

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