Take an Inspiration Walk

Take an inspiration walk and gather pictures

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It’s spring break here at ODC HQ, which means fitting in work and creative time around lots of outings and activities with the girl. Yesterday we visited to local botanical garden, went to a park, took a walk by the lake, bought plants (more about those tomorrow) and took a walk to dinner.

We were all in bed by 9.

But even in these super-full days there’s time to stop and get a little inspiration.Take an inspiration walk and gather pictures

Because we were outside so much, I decided to just take pictures of interesting things.

There were flowers and sculptures and chickens eating flowers.inspiration at the botanical garden

A goose on the spillway, interesting bark, clouds and sky.

The girl drew pictures of amazing things she saw, and collected treasures on the way to dinner. She’s always pretty inspiring.the girl and her statue

I may not have actually made anything other than sweet family memories, but I’m sure there’s a lot of inspiration in those pictures, those moments, the colors, the feel of light and wind (so much wind), the ridiculous abundance of life at the garden center, the girl singing made up songs at the park. Togetherness. Spring.

It may not be warm enough yet for you to do this where you are, but if you can take an inspiration walk, alone or with loved ones, it’s a great way to recharge your creative — and all your other — batteries.

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  1. It’s warm where I live so I’ve done the same thing. It really is refreshing and inspiring to get outside and see nature bursting into spring. I took pictures too and used one to do a watercolor. I hadn’t painted with watercolors for decades!

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