Drawing with Dots {Craft Challenge, Day 82}

Use dots to make drawings of things you see.

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Once I was reviewing a book about doodling and one of the prompts I tried was drawing a tree doodle with dots.

It was a fun way to think about a drawing because it’s not quite the same as drawing with lines. I feel like you have to think a bit more about where your lines are going because each dot is a little link in the chain. Use dots to make drawings of things you see.

While the girl played in the backyard, I sat out and did a few simple drawing with dots exercises.

There’s a heart, of course, and a little bird. dot drawings

There’s a flower, and something that was supposed to be a butterfly.drawing with dots tree

I took on a tree that I could see in the neighbor’s backyard. I like how the dots evoke the bareness of the limbs. To me, at least.

This is a fun, quick challenge you can do anywhere with any sorts of supplies (I used a regular ballpoint pen, which is why my dots are a little uneven, but it was fun anyway).

The girl even came and drew with me for a little while, which I always love. Make sure you have enough supplies for everyone!

Have you ever drawn with dots before? If you try it, I’d love to see how it turns out.

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