Draw Using Online Tutorials {Craft Challenge, Day 81}

Use online tutorials to help you learn to draw.

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I have consistently been lamenting my inability to draw even the most basic things, but I’m always seeing simple (or simple looking, anyway) drawing tutorials on Pinterest and elsewhere.Use online tutorials to help you learn to draw.

So I thought today I would try to draw using online tutorials and see what happens.

Finding Online Drawing Tutorials

Because I’m an About.com writer, I know the Drawing and Sketching site is a good place to start. Because of my level of skill, I went to the Easy Animal Drawing for Children section and picked Helen’s sea turtle because it has simple shapes and only three steps.sea turtle from about.com drawing

It didn’t go incredibly well, but it does look like a sea turtle, so I’m calling it a win.owl drawing art is fun

Pinterest, of course, is a great place to find simple drawing tutorials, and it’s where I found Art is Fun, which I will have to explore more in the future. I tried the How to Draw an Owl tutorial and I think I did somewhat better with this one, other than my inability to draw two similarly sized circles.

It was also Pinterest that led me to the inexplicably named Drawing How to Draw (how’s that for keyword stuffing?), which has a lot of drawing lessons based on letters of the alphabet.robot from drawing learn to draw

For instance, this robot, who is built from the letter E. Sort of. He’s cute, anyway.fish drawing learn to draw

Also I could not resist the fish made out of the word fish. That’s a fun one kids will really like.

Of course there are a ton of legit drawing sites that will really develop your skills (and About Drawing really does have a lot more advanced stuff than that, by the way), but these simple things are pretty much exactly my speed. And if I were willing to practice learning how to draw using online tutorials, it would probably help me learn to draw other things, too.

What do you think? Know any good sources for super basic (or even not-so-basic) drawing tutorials? Hit me up. I’d love to learn.

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