Upcycled Coffee Cup Cozy {Iron Craft Challenge}

state love coffee sleeve

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The Iron Craft theme for this week had something to do with beverages. I actually had an idea right away of what I wanted to do, and I actually got it done a whole day before the challenge was due, which is pretty remarkable for me. state love coffee cup sleeve

I knew I wanted to do a coffee cup cozy with a little Arkansas love on it, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to make the sleeve itself out of. Well, really, I was hoping I had a cast-off sweater somewhere that I could use, but instead I ended up cutting up the sleeve of an old sweatshirt that I never wear. The state and heart cutouts are just felt, and my good friend fabric glue makes yet another appearance, though of course you could sew this by machine if you’d rather.

What You’ll Need

  • a old sweatshirt sleeve (or sweater sleeve, or some other relatively warm piece of fabric
  • felt scraps in two colors
  • a cutout of your preferred state (I got my outline from Waterproof Paper and it happened to print out at just the right size)
  • felt-tip pen or other marking device (optional, but helpful)
  • scissors
  • fabric glue

What You’ll Do

sweatshirt coffee cup cozy
Cut out sleeve before trimming.
  1. Cut the seam out of the sleeve so that the fabric lies open. Trim to a decent size (mine is 4 inches tall and about 5 inches long, counting the overlap), overlap the cut edges and secure with fabric glue.

    state cutout
    I didn’t quite do the river justice, but it will do.
  2. Trace your state cutout and cut it out of one color felt.
  3. Draw a small heart shape (I did mine freehand) out of red felt or color of your choice.

    state love coffee sleeve
    A heart on your (coffee) sleeve.
  4. Glue the heart over your hometown on the map.
  5. Glue your state cutout to the sleeve, on the opposite side from where your seam is.
  6. Allow to dry.

    upcycled state love coffee cozy
    Ready for action.
  7. Slide on your travel cup and drink up.

Is the phenomenon of state-themed crafts exclusive to the south, or does everyone do this? I’d love to know if this is a thing where you live, or if this is a project you would make!

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  1. It’s definitely a thing up here in the North too. I see t-shirts, jewelry and such with Minnesota and a heart on them in stores. I love that you used and old sweatshirt sleeve for this.

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