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Last weekend was our fifth #tcoyos retreat, which is unbelievable and amazing and awesome and I don’t know what I would do without it.

There are always a lot of great moments in our weekends away from the world, focusing on whatever it is we most want to focus on, but I think my favorite thing we did this time was a burning ritual.A burning ritual is a great way to get past old feelings.

That makes it sound both more fancy and more woo-woo than it was. We wrote down things on pieces of paper. Things we needed to move past, feelings we wanted to step away from, whatever we needed to rid ourselves of.

And then we burned them.

One by one we went around the table, not saying what was on our paper, just striking a match, setting it on fire and adding it to the fireproof urn.

It sounds like a totally simple thing that wouldn’t actually be helpful, but it really is. burning ritual urn

There’s something about destroying those thoughts on paper that helps you really release them, too. At least I feel like it has helped me.

I’m done this before by myself. It’s a great thing to do at the end of the year, writing down things that didn’t go as well as you’d like, things you need to forgive yourself for, problems you want to leave in the past.

I also burned the manuscript for my first book as a way of releasing the mistakes and pain of that experience and not letting that feeling of failure carry on into future books.

It helps. I feel like when faced with situations in which I might be confronted by those emotions I wrote about, I will at least be able to remember the power of burning those words, the fact that I have a choice how I feel and react in different situations.

Remembering that will help remind me that I am stronger than I let myself think I am.

Have you ever burned words like this? I’d love to hear about how it helped you!

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  1. i missed you ladies so much last weekend. i can’t wait to hear how it went and i hope the burn urn becomes part of our process. love!

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