Make a Quick Tooth Fairy Pillow to Hang on a Door

tooth fairy pillow diy

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The girl has a loose tooth. It escalated from being a kind of wiggly tooth to a super-wiggly, may-come-out-at-any-time tooth basically yesterday.

I think we’ve still got a few days before it will fall out, but you never know, so I decided I needed to be prepared.Make a simple tooth fairy pillow to hang on a door

I whipped up this little tooth fairy pillow out of some felt and a ribbon I had lying around my office. You could use regular fabric if you’d rather, though you’ll have to take a little more care sewing it than I did. Or try denim or fleece.

This is also a project that could be completely no sew if you wanted, but I don’t have that kind of patience or hand strength. (Aleene’s totally needs to get on the always-ready bottles for products besides Tacky Glue. Just sayin’.)

Either way it’s a quick and easy project that can hang on a door to eliminate sneaking into the bedroom issues (or to help if your kid is afraid of the Tooth Fairy).

What You’ll Needtooth fairy pillow supplies

  • a piece of felt for the “pillow” in color of your choice
  • a piece of white felt for the tooth cutout (I used GlitterFelt left over from making felt snowmen, but plain white is fine too)
  • tooth shape cutout (mine came from A to Z Teacher Stuff)
  • scissors
  • permanent marker
  • fabric glue
  • sewing machine and matching thread (optional)
  • short length of ribbon or yarn (if you want to make a door hanger; mine was about 14 inches long)
  • batting or stuffing for pillow

Making the Tooth Fairy Pillow

  1. Cut your felt to the shape you want your pillow to be. I used a 3×5 index card as my template and made my felt twice the depth of the card (so it’s about 6 inches long and 5 inches wide).how to make a tooth fairy pillow
  2. Cut the tooth shape out of the white felt. Draw on a face with permanent marker.
  3. Use fabric glue to attach the tooth to the backing felt. Remember to leave the top of the tooth open to form a pocket, and place the tooth so that the fold in the backing fabric will be at the bottom.make a tooth fairy pillow
  4. If using ribbon, place it where you would like it to be on the pillow and pin in place sandwiched inside the pillow.tooth fairy pillow pattern
  5. Use the sewing machine, or sew by hand or use fabric glue to sew/close the top and one of the sides.
  6. Add a small amount of batting or stuffing (I used yarn ends, of course) and sew the other side closed.tooth fairy pillow diy

Because I used felt, I did all that from the right side so the seams are visible. If you’re using regular fabric, or just don’t want the seams to show, work with right sides together and sew up two sides and about half of the third side. Turn right side out, add batting or stuffing and sew the rest closed by hand.

I’m excited to need to use this project, even though the girl says she knows the Tooth Fairy isn’t real, she still wants to play along.

Did you do anything special when your kids lost their first tooth? I’d love to hear about it!

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