Creating on Old Art

Use an old painting to make a new art journal page or other creation.

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I’ve had this random painting for a long time.Mkaing new art with an old painting

On a ripped piece of paper, I’m pretty sure I made it using up paint left over from one of the girl’s projects.

It was on my inspiration wire for a long time, because it’s so cheerful, and even though it’s a simple little thing I couldn’t quite bear to get rid of it when I revamped my wire earlier in the month.Use an old painting to make a new art journal page or other creation.

So it’s been sitting on my desk, waiting for me to use it in some way.

Today was the circle

I pulled out some pens and started drawing on it.

I used the lid from my magnetic poetry to make a dotty circle.

And another solid circle.doodles on old painting

I doodled some silver glitter flowers, drew some overlapping squares.

Because it reminded me of a rainbow, I wrote in the words “Create your own rainbow.”

Then I mounted it in my new art journal.old art as new journal page

I don’t know if it’s done, or if things like this are ever really done, but it gives me another page with something on it, which is a good thing.

It’s another way to get past perfection or the tyranny of a blank page. Just start. You’ve actually already begun.

Do you ever go back to old art (your own or your kid’s) and add something to it? It’s really a lot of fun to have a kind of ready made background.

And if you decide to revamp an old piece, I’d love to see the results. #ourdailycraft

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