Make a Yarn Wall Hanging

Tie yarn to a stick for a fun and easy wall hanging.

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With all the yarn crafting that I do, I end up with lots of little lengths of yarn all the time. Some of them are truly tiny, and I collect them to use as stuffing in little knit hearts (which are my go-to Christmas presents for teachers).

But some of them are longer, not long enough to really use in a knitting project, but long enough I don’t want to use them as stuffing, either.

I’ve been collecting some lovelies, along with little bits of ribbon, for a while now. Considering that this has been weaving week, I thought about doing a weaving project with some of them.

But you know? I kind of wanted a break from weaving, too.

Hard to believe, I know. Tie yarn to a stick for a fun and easy wall hanging.

So I took that painted stick from the other day and randomly tied some lengths of yarn and ribbon to it. Almost-instant yarn wall hanging.

It reminded me of a beaded curtain, so I decided to hang it over my closet door. I just hammered in a nail over the door to help hold it up.

Then I added my Mason jar lid dreamcatcher I made a few months ago that had been on the wall by my desk.

yarn wall hanging over door
No judgements about the mess in my office closet, OK?

I kind of love it. It adds a little color and whimsy, uses scraps in a lovely way and is super easy to change because everything is just tied on.

So fun.

Do you have yarn ends or other scraps from your crafts? I’d love to know what you do with them.

As always if you try out this craft (or do something else with crafty leftovers), I’d love to see it with the tag #ourdailycraft.

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