Play with Hand Lettering

Try hand lettering your name or a word or phrase you love.

Today’s randomly chosen creative activity was to play with fancy lettering of your name or a word or phrase that you love. I decided to play with my name. Hand Lettering Your Name I grabbed an index card and a few different pens, Sharpies and markers and started writing my name in different styles. I […]

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Printing with Styrofoam

Carve a design in Styrofoam and use it to make a simple print.

A lot of crafting for me is about creative reuse, and when we bought the girl a lamp for her new art table and this little block of foam was in there, I knew I wanted to try to do some printing with it. Printing with Styrofoam is easy, but it does take a little […]

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Try Loom Knitting

Do some loom knitting or try your regular craft in a different way.

After all the weaving this week, I pulled out a different kind of loom and did some loom knitting. Knitting looms are available at craft stores in all sorts of sizes. Some are sized to make hats for babies, kids and adults, while others could be used to make bags or even the body of […]

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Make a Yarn Wall Hanging

Tie yarn to a stick for a fun and easy wall hanging.

With all the yarn crafting that I do, I end up with lots of little lengths of yarn all the time. Some of them are truly tiny, and I collect them to use as stuffing in little knit hearts (which are my go-to Christmas presents for teachers). But some of them are longer, not long […]

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Make a Cardboard Loom

Make a cardboard loom from a scrap piece of cardboard

I’m still obsessed with weaving over here, and this is a great little take anywhere kind of project (I had it in my purse yesterday afternoon!) that will allow us to talk about some actual weaving skills in ways we haven’t had to so far. How to Make a Cardboard Loom You can make a […]

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Paper Plate Weaving

Paper plate weaving is an easy, fun, low set up activity great for adults and kids.

There’s a kind of sneaky reason I’m doing all these traditional kid crafts right now. Don’t get me wrong, I love them — and I think I’m going to devote a post soon to why I love them so much for grown ups — but it’s a little self-serving, too. I’m developing a curriculum for […]

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