Paper Weaving {Craft Challenge, Day 30}

Paper weaving is a fun, easy, meditative project you can do with any paper you have handy.

I’m a little obsessed with weaving right now, which is going to show over the next few days of challenges. I love weaving because it’s so simple. You can do it with any sorts of materials, as we are going to this week. The motions are simple, repetitive, meditative.  It’s something we probably all tried […]

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Paint a Stick

Paint a stick for an easy, fun creative challenge inspired by nature

Following in the vein of needing easy crafts that I knew I could accomplish this week, I decided to do something that’s been on my list for some time but I hadn’t done it because it seemed too easy. Nothing was too easy for this week. Today all we’re going to do is paint a […]

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Painting with Marbles

Use marbles and a box to paint a super fun picture

I have had so many craft fails in the past couple of days, and only one I’m willing to talk about. It’s annoying, frustrating, and it feels like a waste of time when I need to have something worth posting every day. I needed a quick and easy something to share today after a morning […]

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Try An Iron-On Transfer

Face your fears and try using an iron-on transfer

I had a bad feeling about this one. Though I am well-versed in a lot of crafty arts, there are some things I haven’t tried. Things I have no good reason to have not tried. Woodworking is one example of something I haven’t tried that it’s good I haven’t tried, because I can be kind […]

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Found Object Printmaking

Found object printmaking is a quick and easy way to create with whatever you have.

I have written about making designs with random objects before, but I wanted to do some found object printmaking as part of this challenge because it’s just so fun and easy to do with literally whatever you have lying around. I went around my office and the playroom for a few minutes and picked up […]

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