Accessorize Your Every Day

accessorize your every day with simple additions to common use items.

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I think the title for this post — Accessorize your every day — may be my new tag line. It’s sort of what I want out of life, to make every day a little more special, but in easy ways. Like it makes your day brighter when you wear your favorite necklace (or shawl, in my case).

Today I want you to think about how you can accessorize some common objects that you might use regularly in little, easy ways that bring a smile to your face. accessorize your every day with simple additions to common use items.

Washi-Tape Accessoriesscissors plarn

I’ve been using my awesome Fiskars scissors quite a lot lately while working on some plarn for a project at the girl’s school. These are literally the only scissors I own that cut through plastic well. I’m actually going to school this afternoon and taking my scissors — and quite a lot of crochet hooks — so I figured the time was right for marking my territory, so to speak.

This is a great idea, by the way, for visually designating which scissor are yours, or which ones are just for fabric, if you have family members who tend to steal your good scissors. washi tape scissors

Because they are Fiskars, I added some orange washi tape to the top and side. It’s fine to decorate anywhere that doesn’t move and where your hands are not holding them, because the tape could rub uncomfortably on your hands. washi tape crochet hooks

While I was at it I embellished some crochet hooks with washi as well. Just wrap the tape around the bottom, trim and secure.

I love the double-stacked pink one and the birds, which I had to wrap around extra to get more birds showing on the hook.

You don’t hold a crochet hook from the bottom so this just adds a bit of fun and a way to know which hooks are yours if they might get mixed up with someone else’s.

Other Ideas

I have also added washi tape to clothespins that I use on my inspiration wire.

I have mini clothespins that have glitter on them, too, which is fun and easy if you have double-sided tape.

Embellish your stapler, run some tape down the side of your computer (I use washi to hold notes on my wall when I don’t have Post-Its handy), decorate your timer (oh, I need to do that!), put some colorful tape on the top of your pen or pencil. Just because it’s work doesn’t mean it can’t also be a little fun.

If you do something to accessorize your every day, I’d love to see it! Share a pic on Instagram and tag me with #ourdailycraft.

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