How to Tie a Knot for Hand Sewing

How to tie a strong, large knot in thread for hand sewing

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When I was teaching the kids a little sewing at school yesterday, I started out with how I like to tie a knot for hand sewing.

I thought this was pretty basic — and it is — but it kind of stopped everyone in their tracks. Even the adults in the room didn’t know this method, but once people tried it and figured it out they thought it was cool. How to tie a strong, large knot in thread for hand sewing

I like this method of tying a knot because it’s strong, and it’s big, so it doesn’t pull through the fabric easily.

How to Tie a Knot for Hand Sewing

Most of the time I work with thread doubled when I am hand sewing, particularly when doing something like sewing buttons or mending. threaded needle for hand sewing

So first, thread the needle and move it down the thread until it’s in the middle of the thread. thread over the needle

Place the ends of the thread over the needle. wrap thread around needle

Wind the thread ends around the needle, three, four or five times. knot for hand sewing

Gently pull the needle through the knot and pull it down to the end of the thread.

Get to stitching with confidence that your knot will hold.

I hope if you didn’t already know this method you’ll give it a try. And if you have any basic sewing tips or tricks I’d love to hear them. I’m thinking of writing some posts on really basic sewing after a conversation with an otherwise competent adult who said he doesn’t know how to sew on buttons, and that’s pretty common among his friends. So if there’s anything you’d like to learn about sewing, let me know in the comments and I’ll be sure to add it to my list!

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  1. I did know that, actually, but I didn’t learn it until just a few years ago, after having been sewing for 40+ years. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s an excellent tip, and a method I always use now!

  2. I learned this technique several years ago from Alex Anderson’s Quilt Show . She had a doctor on with hints to ease our body issues(back, eye, posture) and she used an oversized needle and yarn to show how to do it. Thabnks for the refresher.

  3. I always use this method and for single thread sewing you should always thread the needle with the ‘new’ cut end, pull that end right through to become the long end and tie your knot in it. That way you are threading the cleanest easiest end into the eye but re-alligning your thread to sew smoothly without tangling.

  4. I first learned of this way to tie a know about 3 years ago and it is great. (I am 71, so obviously not too old to learn new tricks). Then I taught the lady who taught me to do embroidery (redwork) and it was new to her. She is 84!

  5. does anyone remember how to make ribbon roses with silk ribbon. i made so mny for little grandaughters dresses 25 years ago now at 80 cant remember how. wrap ribbon around needle and sew a stich then wrap again repeat but method isnt working now. it was so easy and much prettier than ones in store. i haveโ€™nt found anyone yet that remembers these. thanks….joan

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